Semichem is a discount value driven health and beauty retail offer operating in stores  across Scotland, Northern Ireland and into the North East of England.  The chain has 106 stores and is located on traditional High Streets and Shopping centre locations. (click here to find your nearest store)

The acquisition of Semichem, a small family-run business, in 1995 was a landmark moment in the Scotmid Cooperative’s  history.

Semichem was founded by the Kerr family in Ayrshire in the 1980s, operating as a discount health and beauty retailer. When bought by Scotmid, the chain had 25 shops. A dedicated stream of investment and marketing saw Semichem expand rapidly across the towns and cities of Scotland and Northern Ireland and become a major high street and household name.

By 1999 the operation had grown to include 80 stores, covering every major town and city in Scotland. New potential acquisitions were sourced outwith Scotland with a view to extending the trading area of the business. In the middle of 1999, the Society enlarged the Semichem business by buying the Options health and beauty chain in Northern Ireland, which was operating 27 stores. Further expansion and development of the brand continued resulting in a total of 106 stores.