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    The Female Boss: Our EXCLUSIVE interview with Tulisa Constotavlos





    Scotland’s favourite breakfast show host, Arlene Stuart, talks fragrance, the pressures of life as a celebrity and looking good with the Female boss, Tulisa Constotavlos.

    She first burst on to our screens as part of N-Dubz but has since had a successful solo career, and launched a fragrance, as well as a stint as a judge on the Xfactor where she mentored the only group to ever win the Xfactor, Little Mix.

    So after a well deserved 6 month holiday we catch up with her to find out more about her fragrance..

    It’s so good to meet you in the flesh, 75,000 sales, of your fragrance, through Semichem, it’s the biggest seller of the year. Was that a bit of a surprise for you to hear that?

    Yeah, I knew it had sold a lot, but didn’t realise it was that much.

     What is it about your fragrance that tell us about you?

    It’s a hard one. Obviously, with every fragrance there’s a different smell. For me, I smell all the favourite fragrances I loved as a kid and try to mix and match to find something new that represents me and still smells that I love.  I find it quite sweet, very feminine and it’s a sexy smell.

    So, you got an element of sweetness and element of sexy. What else?

    I’d say it quite fun and young. No matter what age you are, you can spray it before a night out and you are ready to boogie.  Story of my life.

    It is such an amazing thing, to have your own fragrance, how did that all come about? How did you decide that, this was the next step for you?

    First of all, I saw that, lots of different celebrities were doing it and I always wanted to become a business woman and have a brand with everything from fragrance to clothes. So perfume was essential, It had to be part of my branding, I had to have that perfume out there. I had lots of fans contact me online and saying ‘when are you going to bring out a perfume? You should do it.’ And when my team approached me and said ‘what do you think?’, I said ‘I’ve been thinking about it for ages, let’s do it’

    So, What other kinds of fragrance do you like? Mens, for example cause I like a man to smell good. I like him to shower as well, but I like him to smell good.

    I do too, theres a particular creed smell I like.  When I was a kid I used to like Joop… to the point where I would put it on a piece of cotton wool and just smell it. So imagine if a man was wearing it…..

    His luck would be in…

    I’d get a boyfriend, and literally the first thing I would do is buy him a bottle of Joop, and be like ‘here’ put this on.

    I used to do it with my husband, I don’t do it now though, we’ve been married for too long.  I spray my fantasy man’s fragrance on my pillow now.

    My relationships don’t get passed the honeymoon period soo..

    We will talk more about fragrances in a minute but can I just say you look incredible.


    Why is it that you have difficulty taking compliments, why is it so hard for you?

    Probably cause I was a geek at school. I had spotty pink glasses, wonky pig tails, a big block fringe.  I was terrible. There’s probably a picture somewhere, just google it. It’s a disaster.

    How do you achieve this look? Is it a lot of work? Cause let’s be honest we’re all girls here. Does it take alot of work or do you just get up in the morning and you look like that?

    Definitely not!  It’s all down to a good makeup artist.  I like to take my time.  Im a bit lazy. I like to wake up, have a cup of tea, have a ciggy, have breaks in between, stroll around on the phone.  So, all in all, I take around 2 and a half to 3 hours so I can take my time and not panic.  If I had to bunch it into the actual time it takes, id say about an hour and a half. But these makeup artists are perfectionists, they literally contour every centimetre of your face.

    For me, you are a very strong kinda woman.  Do you every get a moment when you are like ‘This is not what I like.’  Do you speak up or do you not wait, like the rest of us, and accept it, then change it later.

    I always have the same makeup artist, so they know what I want but I do leave 20 minutes so I can do what I call, the fiddly bits.  Where I just sit and change little bits on my face that I want.  I call it, putting my own energy into it.  If someone’s been faffing about with your face and hair for an hour it’s just good to just shake it all off and put a bit of me in there.


    Now energy is something you must have in abundance, because you are always so busy.  You are a business woman, and you’re juggling that with the launch of your fragrance and the promotional tour. You’re writing songs, you’re performing…. how do you manage that? To keep it all together and still look incredible?

    Makeup artists!! Honestly it is! I’m not the most health conscious person and I don’t go to the gym at the moment. I don’t really eat particularly healthy. I’m not really sure really, I’m just lucky I guess…

    I’m going off you now.

    Do you know what the trick is?  Eat slowly.  I take about two hours to eat a meal.  And it’s by choice, I’m a slow eater. I like to savour my food.  It helps to keep my weight down.

    Do you think the celebrity fragrance thing will continue? Will young people want to buy celebrity fragrance?

    Definitely, I think from the beginning of time, for celebrities and musicians, people always wanted to buy into the brand.  People used to buy albums cases, now they download their songs.  So as long as someone likes the package, they will buy into the brand.

    If you could buy someone else’s brand. Not your own.  Who would that be?

    If it can be anyone, id say if Martina Cole (the book writer) brought out a fragrance id definitely wear it, she inspires me a lot!

    Why does she inspire you?

    Cause she’s such a strong woman. She can write books that appeal to both men and woman.  If you didn’t know that a book was written by her, you’d think it was written by a man.  In my eyes, she’s a bit of a female boss. She’s the top female boss.

    And who would be second?

    That would be me (laughs). Actually, it would be my grandmother, then me.

    Your grandmother is very special to you.

    Yeah! She’s certainly a female boss!

    Do you get a lot of time to spend with friends and family or is that you just need to be well planned?

    It depends. I’ve gone through a year where i’ve done 260 shows in one year and I’ve had other periods of time where, for 6 months, im quite quiet.  It really does depend on what you’re doing at the time.  The past few years I was just like work, work work. And so 6 months ago I specifically asked for time off. I wanted to chill out a bit and take a break.  I actually wanted six months off.  People will probably think that’s a long time but when for 6 months straight you don’t have a day off, you don’t get to speak to anyone, you don’t get to see anyone, You’re going to bed a 2am and getting up at 6am and you’re doing that every day it starts to drain you out and you decide ‘I just want to live for a bit’.

    You are an inspiration to young people, do you feel some pressure from that?

    It depends.  There is a pressure but it depends what pressure you see as important to you.  There is some pressures that they put on me that I don’t really find a pressure, they think I should feel pressure, but I just see other things as more important.

    You can buy Tulisa’s fragrance TFB from any of our stores.

    What do you think about celebrity fragrance?  And who’s you favourite fragrance?

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    Calling all budding Beauty Bloggers…. Its competition time!


    Calling all budding Beauty Bloggers……

    Semichem, in association with Pout Edinburgh, are looking for a new beauty blogger. Whether you are looking to write your first blog or you have your own blogger site with hundreds of followers, we want to hear from you!

    Try reviewing one of Semichem’s fantastic range of products or maybe you’re a bit of a Make Up geek and want to show us a ‘How-to’ using one of our many make up lines, just submit it via video or written blog and you could be in with a chance of winning.

    The winner will receive £100 cash, a master class with Sarah Tolan, author of Scottish Beauty Blog and also the chance to do three paid blogs for us on our new blog spot.  Not only that, but you will receive a huge hamper of beauty products.

     Think you’ve got what it takes…….

     Check out the entry details below:


    Dont forget to like the Semichem Facebook page for updated information on the competition:


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    Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Primer Review



    If you haven’t watched my video raving about the Garnier 5 Second perfect blur primer, there is a link below, but I’m going to rave a little more about it here since I’m finding I love it even more as time goes on!

    First I’m going to ask you to take off your hat of scepticism, because I’m sure that like me, you didn’t believe the claims. “Visibly blurs the appearance of wrinkles and pores”. Really?! Well, as it turns out, Yes, really!

    The 5 seconds refers to how long it takes to apply, and it really is a quick process. The consistency is thicker and dryer than I expected, and it is strangely “separated” which at first made me think it had gone off! You have to be careful squeezing it out as there are air bubbles in the tube which means bits of the product can fly off round the room ha ha.

    Once on the skin though, the magic begins. The most wonderful thing for me is that this can go on either before or after foundation. I often remember the primer step when it’s far too late! The other fantastic thing is that it can be applied just where you need it. It feels amazingly silky on the skin, which doesn’t quite match up to the texture you see coming out of the tube, but it glides on and instantly fills in pores and lines to give that airbrushed finish that most of us dream of.

    My area of “concern” is the pores at the side of my nose/cheek area, and the lines around my eyes. What Botox hasn’t fixed, this primer has. Yay :0)

    This post was a bit “gushy” so I feel I need to tell you that Garnier are not paying me for this review, and I bought and paid for the product myself so all views are my own. Oh, and a PS. You can pick this up in Semichem for less than most other places…..

    Have you tried it yet?

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